Examples of our work

During our work as a consultant and interim manager, we have successfully executed the following projects:

Strategy / Growth / Organization

  • Creation of a market study and a market entry concept for a manufacturer of drilling rigs
  • Design and implemention of a reorganization plan for 40 globally distributed manufacturing sites for a pharmaceutical company
  • Developing an international marketing concept and assessment of individual brands, strengthening of core brands and standardization of the brand identity for a pharmaceutical company
  • Optimization of processes in a design department and the adjacent interfaces, optimizing resource planning and project management for a manufacturer of special vehicles
  • Integrated process optimization for a German production site of a pharmaceutical company
  • Planning and project management of a corporate relocation management, including site selection, definition of space requirements, negotiating contracts, project management, supervision of construction and relocation for a pharmaceutical company
  • Assessment and planning an investment project for a manufacturer of herbal extracts


Excellence in Operations

  • Optimization of commisioning and changeover times of drilling rigs in Brazil for a manufacturer of drilling rigs
  • Design of a project to reduce procurement costs for a chemical company (procurement volume appr.  € 8.5 billion)
  • Increase of the productivity of assembly lines, reducing inventories and design of a concept to optimize the product portfolio for a German supplier of commercial vehicles at a foreign production site
  • Optimization of the procurement cost of plastics for lighting systems for an U.S. OEM based in Detroit
  • Optimization of procurement costs for the North American locations of a company in the field of chemical engineering (procurement volume ca.US $ 400 million)
  • Optimization of the replacement cost of all the German sites of a company in the field of process engineering (Beschaffunsvolumen approximately € 500 million)
  • Optimization in-house production, developing a production concept for the relocation of non-Know-How-assemblies and share in low-wage countries (Eastern Europe / Asia) for a manufacturer of special machines for woodworking
  • Evaluation of a production plant in terms of efficiency throughout the supply chain and identification of cost-saving potentials for a manufacturer of food products (sales of approximately € 180 million)
  • Benchmarking study comparing production sites in Spain and Germany, and integrated process optimization at the site of Spain (370 FTE) for a pharmaceutical company
  • Project Management in the preparation of an inspection by the U.S. FDA in a German production site of a pharmaceutical company


Restructuring / reorganization

  • Commercial Director for the restructuring of a manufacturer of drilling rigs
  • Interim CEO for the restructuring of a producer for mechanical equipment for the glass and automotive industry including social plan negotiations with workers councol / union, liquidity management and obtaining of a government guarantee
  • Interim CEO for the shut-down of a production site in Germany (55 FTE) including planning the relocation of the production, contract negotiations with suppliers, negotiating social plan workers council / union
  • Acting Director of the SCM department (52 FTE) and Deputy Plant Manager (230 FTE) of a German production site of a pharmaceutical company
  • Market-oriented restructuring and realignment of an automotive supplier


Financial Management

  • Design and implementation of a investment calculation scheme (P & L statement, balance sheet and CF-account) for the evaluation of investment projects for a company in the renewable energy market
  • Optimization of business planning and creation of a meaningful reporting system for a manufacturer of drilling rigs
  • Design, implementation of professional financial reports for banks, private and public investors
  • Liquidity management and optimization of working capital for a producer of special mechanical equipment
  • Optimization of product cost accounting, cost center and cost carrier accounting, introduction of an operational KPI system for a manufacturer of OTC drugs