Strategy / Growth / Organization

PhiStaCon supports its clients with strategic market positioning for profitable growth and increased competitiveness. Important for us is to link a clearly defined target position with an appropriate development  of skills. This we do on in a time- and capacity-feasible program of actions.

"What do we have do today to ensure a sustainable market position in the future."

We also build for you powerful organizations that are characterized by clear profit responsibility, process control and effective communication structures. Here we focus consistently on strategy and profit goals.

The PhiStaCon target cross is the basis for a holistic view of the company situation
Strategy Development
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The future concept we work out with management in discussions and workshops. Via a structured roll-out, we assure the integration of the organization so that we achieve a high acceptance. Using a scenario technique, we assess with you the potential conditions and alternative strategies for success. We assist companies in the startup phase and to generate and control of growth.

In structure-workshops will be with you, with close involvement of staff, the make a
process-oriented analyis of the current organizational structure and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Based on future market requirements and goals we develop a blueprint for a sustainable structure, always based on state-of-the-art methods and best practices.

Tpyical areas of action are:

  • Drawing up the strategic framework: Vision / Mission / Corporate Values
  • Preparation of medium-and long-term planning
  • Professionalization of planning processes
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Execution of process analysis
  • Optimization of the structure and organization
  • Project planning, management and controlling
  • Optimization of market development and marketing