Financial Management

To provide a state-of-the art Finance and Accounting system for all stakeholders is a basic task for every company. On the one hand it has to provide a transparency ​​for the cause-right allocation of costs to cost centers and cost units. On the other hand sufficient liquidity has to be ensured. Thus providing extended opportunities. With years of experience in all areas of finance and accounting, we are your reliable partner.

Typical areas of actions are:

  • Optimization of product cost accounting, cost center and cost unit accounting
  • Process and cause-based allocation of overhead costs
  • Financial and performance planning
  • Management accounting
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Success control and profit optimization
  • Optimization of controlling structures and instruments
  • Establishment and development of integrated operational KPI systems for corporate management
  • Optimization of working capital (cash, receivables, liabilities, current assets)
  • Executution of feasibility studies of investment projects