Excellence in Operations

In order to optimize and strengthen the operational requirements and functions, we focus on the key areas and levers of corporate success. Here we focus on measurable optimization measures, for which we take care until every measure is implemented.

We are also willing to participate entrepreneurial - as well at on all risk but also on the success and we also take over responsibility
for various management functionsinterimwise, if required, to ensure the success of our work.

Operational optimization programs of PhiStaCon are characterized by the continuous creative collaboration with cross-functional customer teams in discussions, small group work and workshops. For us it is of great importance to focus on the close involvement of staff to ensure the know-how transfer. Our well-structured, systematic and closely timed action is exemplary. Our fundament of work is based on high methodological expertise paired with operational experience of our consultants.


PhiStaCon optimization projects are typically executed in three phases

Project Phases
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Typical areas of our work are:



  • Optimization of marketing and customer service
  • Operative revenue enhancement programs

Research and development

  • Assessment of development projects
  • Increased efficiency in research and development processes
  • Product Redesign


  • Comprehensive cross-functional optimization of all procurement costs
  • Optimization of purchasing processes and structures


  • Optimization of production planning processes and tools
  • Optimization of production processes and structures
  • Efficiency improvement programs in the production (capacity utilization, reduce scrap)
  • Production site concepts


  • Optimization of inventory levels
  • Optimization of availability of production materials

Project Management

  • Introduction and professionalization of the management of development, procurement and investment projects

Contract Management

  • Optimization of contracts in respect of payment, delivery, transfer of risk, acceptance criteria and warranty and liability risks

Overhead functions

  • Optimization of structure and organization
  • Introduction and professionalization of shared services concepts
  • "Intelligent" cost-cutting programs