We bring the problem to the point

The work of PhiStaCon is shaped by our experience in consulting and management.

Our analysis will be conducted situation-specific, well structured and systematically worked off - fast, precise and necessary to the draft. With our experience it is possible to avoid information overload and to focus on the important issues.

The development of concepts is shared with our customers, always with an eye for the essential, the benefits and feasibility. This creates belief and confidence. We strive for improvements, which can also be measured in P & L statement, balance sheet or cash flow. We see the company as a whole and thus ensures the sustainability of our accomplished results.

The consistent implementation is the focus of our thought and action. We do not produce only nice and many charts, furthermore we produce a benefit to our customer, e.g. results. Only the achievement of the objectives will satisfy us. The consultants of PhiStaCon may be present in consultation to the client in different roles - assume - from the coach to interim manager.

PhiStaCon projects are typically executed in three phases
Project phases
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We say what we think, and we do what we say.

Integrity and commitment is very important for us in our cooperation. Change processes must be predictable - for all involved. This requires openness, communication skills and an adequate sensitivity of our consultants.

We take risks and participate in the outcome.
PhiStaCon is marked results-oriented and entrepreneurial. We measure ourselves on agreed outcomes, e.g. our fees can be made ​​variable in proportion to the request of the customer. That makes us all entrepreneurs with opportunities and risks.

We know our business - experience combined with expertise.

Our consultants have long term experience. PhiStaCon consultants can therefore work in small project teams and over a longer period of part-time. Customers are involved early in the project work. Thus, to conserve natural resources and direct long-term know-how transfer can be ensured. Since we know the business, we know what we expect of our employees and how much workload we can put on the employees of our customers.