PhiStaCon differentiates itself in the market for consultancy and interim management "Best of Both Worlds"

Often companies are faced with the decision to hire some external additional resources either to solve complex problems or to manage special projects in addition to typical companies operations. In fact this is often due to a lack of capacity within own workforce to execute such tasks or due to limited internal know-how skills.

Depending on the task, management is then faced with the choice of hiring either a traditional consultant or an interim-manager. Both options have disadvantages in general, but these become often apparent first  during the execution of the project and thus does not bring the desired initial implementation success at the end.

PhiStaCon knows about this problem because of its extensive experience in consulting and work as an interim-manager. From this it has developed a new set of specific requirements for the PhiStaCon workforce that can serve both roles, and these vary depending on the task in completing the projects.

For the success of our customers we have merged the best of both worlds in our company!

Differentiation of PhiStaCon compared to a traditional consultant and an interim manager
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This usually means a considerably higher acceptance among the staff for the project to be carried out and for the objectives to be achieved. This also goes in line with a greater probability of success for a project to be acc omplished within the originally planned cost and schedule activities as this is unfortunately the case with many consultancy or interim management projects.

By the usage of PhiStaCon the resources for the daily operations are preserved as much as possible on the one hand. And on the other hand, by a clear structure, tight project management and a high degree of social competence in dealing with the workforce, the project targets are generally achieved in a much more cost economical way than by the choice of another constellation.